Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® test

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Your Myers-Briggs personality type

Our recent studies of awake people have shown a high correlation with certain Myers-Briggs personality types.

If you do not already know and would be interested in finding out, there is a free and simple online test you can take HERE.  This will take you about 10 minutes to complete (note that no answers are better than any other answers) and will give you a 4-letter personality type, like this one:

example MBTI 4-letter test result

In order to verify that this is a good fit, you might want to read the thumbnail description of the 4-letter type HERE and then the fuller description here HERE

If in fact the percentages for any of the letters are low (i.e. below 14%), you might want to select the letter for the opposing type (the 4 letters come in pairs of E/I;  S/N;  T/F; and  J/P) and read the thumbnail description of this new 4-letter type.  So, for example, if your 4-letter type first comes out as INFJ and the % for I is low, then you could read the type for ENFJ instead, swapping the ‘E’ for the ‘I’.  You can read the short and long descriptions for the two 4-letter types to see which one fits you best!

You will then have your own Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® 4-letter personality type.

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