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The Dark Side of Academia
How Truth is Suppressed

by The Secret Professor

Published by Truth University Press


The Dark Side of Academia; How Truth is Suppressed, by The Secret Professor, includes a foreword by author and researched John Hamer, and an afterword by Dr. Tess Lawrie.
Governments the world over fund universities to teach and conduct research. Are universities working for the benefit of the population at large or rather for vested interests that may not put people first? This provocative and at times shocking book reveals that universities are often concealing information and bullying and expelling academics whose thinking and research threaten to expose vested interests. Instead, research is encouraged that supports the interests of powerful groups such as the World Economic Forum and Big Pharma even when these run counter to the interests of the population as a whole.
The author, the Secret Professor, dares to look behind the scenes and reveal the extent to which truth is a casualty in academic publications concerning climate change, history (as it concerns the Dead Sea Scroll site of Qumran as well as the factors behind the Great Fire of London) and the power of homeopathy. The author exposes the principal tools of control as consisting of Peer Review; the pressure on academics to publish in often narrow, so-called ‘top’ journals; authoritarian management; government and corporate funding of teaching and/or research; the marginalisation of female academics and the steady erosion of academic freedoms.
The author, The Secret Professor, worked as a successful academic, publishing over eighty peer reviewed journal papers and seven books. Prepare for disturbing revelations about the complicity of multiple agencies and realise that it is time for us to follow the example of the French Impressionist painters who put the old system behind them. Creating inspiring new institutions that follow the evidence rather than vested interests will have a transformative impact on our world.

The first part of this book The Dark Side of Academia: How Truth is Suppressed, focuses on the personal work experiences of ‘The Secret Professor’ in the British Higher Education (HE) sector. And the first thing that struck me, was how many of these experiences I shared, albeit thousands of miles away, as an academic in a New Zealand university. I wonder how many other (‘cancelled’) academics have, over recent years, been forced out of toxic universities, simply for sticking to their principles?

The main theme of the book is the extent of the regulatory capture. Like our broken healthcare sector, our universities have also lost all integrity and credibility as meaningful, credible, education institutions. The book illustrates  – with a frightening amount of evidence – how the truth from various research projects over several decades, has been systematically suppressed, and those individuals who have dared to question their censorship, have been faced with the overwhelming corporate power that is only now being exposed to Joe Public.

… The claim that research outcomes cannot be allowed to be disseminated because someone in a position of power can define these results as ‘commercially sensitive’ is a common strategy of censorship. For instance it is also used as a method (excuse) of preventing the responses from Freedom of Information Act (UK) and Official Information Act (NZ) being published. The various laws that are supposed to protect ‘academic freedom’ are apparently repeatedly ignored by the gatekeepers.